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Last revised at: September 18, 2023


Welcome to Cashy!
Cashy is a platform for learning and practicing money, motivated by fun gameplay and friendly competition. The platform is owned and controlled by Cashy Technology, Inc (“we”).
These Terms of Use (“Terms”) cover the rules according to which you may access and use Cashy’s website and game. Using Cashy means creating an account, playing the games within, or simply browsing Cashy. These Terms specify the rights and obligations of both you and Cashy as the parties to an agreement. This in turn allows us to provide you our services and allows you to use them.
Please read these Terms carefully before using Cashy. The Terms are legally binding. By using our site and services, you agree to be bound by these Terms without any reservations. If you do not agree with these Terms or any rule within them, then you cannot access and use Cashy. You agree and warrant that you have the legal right and capacity to enter into these Terms. You must also keep in mind that your use of Cashy must be in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply to you in your own country of residence, wherever that may be.
Cashy collects and processes your personal data. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information on how and why we collect your data or in which cases we may use that data.

Your Account

You create an account to use Cashy game for its intended purposes or visit it as a guest. We provide the ability to create two different accounts: a player account and a host account. Do not share or give others access to your account. Any activity that is made on your account or through it, is considered to be made by you personally.
If you create an account, you agree to provide us with true, complete and accurate information.
You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your username and password. Remember your password!
We have the right to terminate, suspend or disable your account, if you breach any of these Terms in any way. We may do so immediately, without giving prior notice and without any liability arising out of it. When your account is terminated, your right to use Cashy will immediately cease.
Cashy reserves the right to change or replace the system of accounts described in these Terms or the features an account can or cannot use.
If you wish to terminate your account yourself, you may do so by requesting it in writing.

Paid Subscription

Using Cashy is free for all users.

Your Responsibilities

You agree not to misuse Cashy’s website or game or help someone else in doing so. Misuse is considered to mean, but not limited to, doing or attempting to do the following:
– accessing Cashys’s platform or areas of the platform that are not publicly available, or available to a user without an account or to user with a different account;
– disrupting the use of Cashy by a virus, overloading, spamming, or any other malicious attack;
– circumventing security or authentication measures;
– testing the vulnerability of Cashy’s software or network;– using automated means (e.g scripts, bots) to play games;
– impersonating another person;
– using the platform to stalk another person or access their personal data;
– harassing other users or Cashy employees or representatives;
– creating accounts in bulk or by automated means (e.g scripts, bots); or
– violating the law in any other way.Your username or nickname must not be harmful, insulting, obscene, sexually explicit or unlawful in any other way.

No Warranties

We try to provide the best service possible. There are still certain things that may happen, in business and practice, that will not allow us to do so. Therefore Cashy is provided “as is” and we make no warranties of any kind about Cashy, whether express or implied, to the fullest extent permitted by law. That includes no warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, completeness, availability, compatibility, accuracy, safety or security.
We cannot and do not warrant that the service will be free of errors, that errors will be fixed in a time suitable for you, or that Cashy can be used uninterrupted. Any information that is received from Cashy but not expressly stated in these Terms does not constitute or create a warranty.


You agree that you will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cashy, its representatives, directors, owners and employees for any and all claims, demands and lawsuits arising out of your use of Cashy. Such indemnity includes the payment of attorneys’ fees and cost of other legal aid if you have given a cause for action due to not complying with these Terms. If your actions may cause harm to Cashy, then you must cooperate with Cashy’s defense.


You agree that you use Cashy at your own risk. We limit our liability for damages to the maximum extent that is permissible by law. Cashy is not liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damage. Cashy is also not liable for any loss of data, business or profits. Our liability is however not limited in cases where the damages are caused intentionally by us or due to gross negligence on our part. In no event shall the liability for damages exceed 100 euros.
Cashy is not liable for damages caused by, but not limited to, the following:
– personal injury or property damage resulting from your use of Cashy;
– interruptions to your use of Cashy;
– any unauthorized access to Cashy’s servers or the information stored in them; or
– bugs, viruses, Trojan horses etc., which are transmitted through Cashy.
Cashy may have links to external websites. Cashy has no control over any such website, its quality or legality. Therefore we are not liable for any damages caused by visiting such websites.
When using Cashy for school purposes, you must keep in mind that Cashy will in no case be an intermediary between a teacher or a school and a student. If you are a student and you were unable to complete your assignments due to a failure on Cashy’s part, then you must bring that up and solve the issue with your teacher.

Other Provisions

Changes to Cashy. Cashy reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue Cashy at any time and for any time. Cashy is not liable for any damages that may be caused because of that.
Changes to the Terms. Cashy reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time and to any extent. All changes are effective immediately or, if specified otherwise, at a later date. Please check the Terms regularly to make sure that you are using Cashy in compliance with the Terms. If you are unhappy with the changes, then you must stop using Cashy. Continuing to use or access Cashy after the updates come into effect means that you agree to be bound by the new Terms.
Resolving disputes. You agree that if you have any complaints against Cashy, you will first try to resolve them with us informally and out of court. You must contact us via email and describe your complaint. We will answer you in 14 days and try to solve the complaint. You must provide us with additional information about your complaint when necessary. You may file an official claim against us only if we are unable to solve your complaint or refuse to do it, or if we do not reply to you in due time.
Governing law and jurisdiction. These Terms and all claims, complaints and actions related to these Terms or Cashy’s platforms are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. You and Cashy agree that any judicial proceedings will be taken to and held in Harju County Court in Tallinn, Estonia. Your local consumer laws may give you an option for a different judicial forum in case of a conflict of laws.
Notices. Notices (requests, complaints etc.) must be served predominantly via email. If communication via email is impossible, only then will either party use traditional mail. You must notify us of any change to your email or mail address, if you have given us one beforehand.
Severability. If any of the provisions laid out in these Terms is found to be invalid, void or unenforceable under whichever applicable law, then it shall not have an effect on the validity of other provisions of these Terms. In such an event, the invalid provision shall be changed and interpreted so that it accomplishes the original intent of the provision as much as legally possible.
Entire Agreement. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Cashy, unless there is a written and signed agreement beside these Terms. Otherwise, the Terms supersede all prior communications and agreements.

Contact Information

For any questions, requests or complaints, please contact us at:

Cashy Technology, Inc
8 The Green
Suite #14776
Dover, DE 19901