Drive Gen Z to your credit union through gaming

Young people are bored with plain text and videos. Engage them in their language — gaming.
100,000+ players
avg. monthly
Get people engaged through an interactive game
Thanks to social gameplay, modern design, and interactivity, Cashy engages young people like no other product. See it for yourself!
Get them to trust your brand by highlighting the Credit Union Difference
You are the financial guide in the game, offering tips and helping players achieve success. Linking their success with your brand.
Get them to become a member by making personalized offers
Use the built-up trust for your brand and make personalized offers to turn players into customers.
Measure your return on investment with detailed data
Thanks to our analytics, you know exactly how many people you’re reaching, what topics they’re most interested in, how many are joining as members, etc.
Cashy is unique in how it naturally integrates member engagement and acquisition opportunities for credit unions. Add the refreshingly well-rounded take on what it means to be financially healthy – not just focusing on assets, but also happiness – it's truly a win-win for players and credit unions alike.
Megan Crowson
Member Engagement Manager, CUNA
Our Co-Branded Products
1. Cashy Classroom
For engaging classrooms in your community

What’s included? Bell Ringer, Quick Game, Class vs Class Mode, School Competition, Lesson Plans
2. Cashy Community
For engaging anybody in your community

What’s included? Monthly Competition, Solo Game, Party Game, Learning Center
"As a teacher, I try to look for things that are engaging and make students smile. After playing Cashy, students begged to play again. This rarely happens!"
Amy Hall
Newtown-Harris School, MO
"The first time I had my class, I was blown away by the engagement from students. I have taught for 27 years and this program really impressed me. "
Mariza Zister
St. Alphonsus C.E.S, Ontario
"STUDENTS LOVE IT!!! Out of all of the games we have played regarding financial literacy, this was the most engaging."
Nicohle Boye-Doe
East Side Union High School District, CA
Grow net worth
At the core is the Cashy game, in which players have to grow their net worth through budgeting, investing, starting their business, etc.
Based on real life
The game is a simulation of life, with real numbers and data, which keeps retention high because no game is ever the same.
Stay happy
What makes it unique is that players also need to take care of their mental health and not overwork.
Fully co-branded
We don’t just stick your logo in the product. We make you the hero, helping you build deep relationships.

How was Cashy born?

Having taught finance to over 3,000 students, I saw that to reach 30 million, it had to be as entertaining as TikTok. That’s why we founded Cashy. We partner with credit unions because you offer Gen Z and Millennials excellent products, but over 70% of them don’t even know what a credit union is. Through gaming, Cashy is able to show the credit union difference and get young people to become members.
Mart Vainu
Founder of Cashy & Personal Finance Teacher