Cashy - teach personal finance with a fun game

Boost retention & acquisition with gaming & education.

People are bored by plain text and videos.
Use gaming to get people engaged in finance.
100,000+ players
Trusted by
Get new members
People earn real money for playing,
but only if they become members.
Make personalized
in-game offers
Highly targeted, based on what
users have done in the game.
Educate in an
engaging way
The social and gamified experience leads
to higher engagement and retention.
Measure impact with analytics
Access the admin panel for
real-time analytics.
"We love the Cashy app and what it is able to help us do to engage students and teachers in financial education."
Lori Horstman
VP Member Experience
Altra Federal Credit Union
"Cashy is unique in how it naturally integrates member engagement and acquisition opportunities for credit unions. It's truly a win-win for players and credit unions alike."
Megan Crowson
Member Engagement Manager
America's Credit Unions
Integrated into your app or website
Set up is easy thanks to Cashy being a web app accessible on any device.
Easy launch with our marketing package
Sponsor local schools
Reach students by sponsoring Cashy Classroom in your community. Loved by thousands of teachers.
Fully co-branded
We make you the hero, helping you build deep relationships.

How Cashy started?

Having taught finance to over 3,000 students, I saw that to reach 30 million, it had to beas entertaining as TikTok. That’s why we founded Cashy -we get people engaged in finance through gaming.
Mart Vainu
CEO & Co-Founder