Teach personal finance with
a fun game

Cashy is a money game that allows you to teach saving, investing, credit, and more.
Cashy is 100% free thanks to our partners.

Students learn by making real-life decisions in a simulation

How to budget, use credit, invest, and more.

Students are engaged while learning

Cheering, clapping, and laughing is guaranteed.

A daily bell-ringer or one-class activity

Play for 5 or 30 minutes - you choose. Free lesson plans included.
Cashy is 100% free thanks to our partners.

Teachers about Cashy

"As a teacher, I try to look for things that are engaging and make students smile. After playing Cashy, students begged to play again. This rarely happens!
Amy Hall
Newtown-Harris School, MO
"It was so much fun! The kids were engaged and challenged. I especially liked the happiness factor in Cashy, as this gives me a chance to talk to students about the balance between money and happiness."
Alecia Adams
Brown County Schools, IN
"Learning how to increase income, decrease expenses, and invest for the future, are all important topics in our curriculum. Cashy ties all these topics nicely together in a fun game."
Jim Henneberry
Marist High School, IL
1. How it works

Create a new bell-ringer or one-class game

The 5-minute daily bell-ringer last from one week up to a month. One-class game takes about 30 minutes,  depending on how fast you want to go.

2. How it works

Show it on your board and students join

Students join with their laptop, tablet, or phone. Their objective in the game is to grow their money while remaining happy.

3. How it works

See your students play with excitement!

They will learn to save more; invest in stocks, funds,or even crypto; balance their career and health, and so much more!

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Cashy is 100% free thanks to our partners.